Mazda RX8, A nice car!

mazda rx8 interior

mazda I would really, really, like this car! I am hoping or possibly dreaming of owning a Mazda RX8 sometime soon after the new year. I don’t think that ‘Santa’ makes these in his toy factory :( , So I guess, I better get saving those pounds £££!

I’m that keen to get one, I have already been checking out the insurance costs and to be honest, it’s actually quoting a cheaper premium than my first year of driving a 1.1 Litre Citroen Saxo.

Mazda distribute two models of the RX8, one being 231bhp and the other 192bhp! Even the latter model is still incredibly powerful running on a 1.3 Litre rotary engine! :o Thinking about it a bit more, um, after Previous Experiences With Artic Lorries, I think I would probably have to drive this car a bit more cautiously / carefully / sensibly!

Which brings me to why I’d really like to own one of these cars. I love the interior and twinned with the fact that, for its ‘type of car’  its very competitive priced!

The speed does not attract me to the car, but I bet it will not rattle like a tin can at 70mph like my current death trap I am buzzing around in.

Check out this video from Top Gear on Youtube:-


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