I am back and with a new website!

So it’s been a while since I have done a post over here, this is because I have been working on several other projects of mine. I would like to show you my new aquarium & fish care website GoAqua , here you can find various information and advice about keeping cold water and tropical fish.

We also run a photo Friday competition, so if your a fish keeper yourself, feel free to send across any photo’s of your tank to be featured on our website.

Fish keeping can be fun and very enjoyable. I actually really enjoy the whole “setting-up” a fish tank, and the aqua’scaping is also very creative and can be quite therapeutic at times. Then once finished I get this feeling of accomplishment, I have achieved something which looks beautiful. I like to try and keep everything natural, whilst also trying to maintain a good viewing again for spotting those little critters that you do not always get a chance to see.

Pop over and get involved! We are currently also looking for any contributors, so feel free to drop me a an email.


About Reuben RD

My name is obviously Reuben, I love all things web related, I am currently working in SEO, and I enjoy my spare time when I have some! :)